Customer Testimonials

Better Care at Home

I want to thank the whole team at Twynham Training for the superb training we always receive. We have been working with Twynham training for a while but all the positive changes you have implemented have made such a difference and the training experience is even better then before.

The new premisis and training rooms are fabulous. Your choice of courses and incentivised packages are such a good idea. I have now stopped using other training companies and will only use ‘Twynham Corportate and Care Training’.

You have created a one stop shop, and offer everything we need to remain an outstanding care agency.
Your new website and branding is so professional congratulations. Thanks again for your support, invovation and flexibilty.

Joannah Bishop - Owner

Christchurch Care

Christchurch Caring

“Christchurch Care staff really enjoy attending Twynham Training. The sessions are interesting, interactive and relevant to job roles. The trainers are knowledgeable and professional”.Carolyn Jolliffe - Director

Socially Organic

“We have transferred all training from online to Twynham Training as we were looking for more effective robust training with the ability to interact with the trainer.It has been a great experience and Twynham was amazingly helpful during lockdown when we needed urgent new training to cater to a sudden change in needs. We have been grateful for a personalised approach that caters to needs on an individual basis and allows training to be easily scheduled.

We have been incredibly pleased and can clearly see the benefits of investing in our team and utilising better training. Highly recommend”

Laura Jane Stephens - Founder/ Producer Socially Organic

Alesco Care Services

“I have worked in the care sector for over 20 years, I have used a plethora of training providers throughout this time.I have worked in the Dorset care sector for the past 6 years, as a Registered Manager. I can not express how good I  feel Twynham Training is, I will always use this service for training, the trainers are all exemplary, they create an open, safe and caring environment, they all encourage discussions and questions. They offer a very informative and eye opening training programme, creating appropriate learning processes to meet all employees and their needs of our service

Courses are delivered in a way to keep you engaged and enthusiastic about the subject, the trainers are all knowledgeable in their chosen subjects and are able to give a balanced, informed and educated view on the subjects they teach.

I can contact Twynham at any time, and tell them what course we need, if they do not have a course scheduled imminently, Karen and the team will organise one for when we need it.
I know of no other training provider who offer these services- they are responsive to our needs, as a care provider the lengths that Twynham go to support us, without question, enable us to offer an enhanced service to our community.

Over the past 18-24 months Twynham’s training has enhanced the services they offer, which meets the needs of our service without question, if I require a training course surrounding a particular medical need, I will contact Karen, let her know what we need, from there Karen will devise a specific training course for our team, alongside this, if I have a client who’s needs are very specific, Karen will look at our clients support plan and medical information and create training specific for our client- these services are provided at no additional cost.
I can not thank Karen and the team for all their hard work and would recommend Twynham Training to anyone who requires this service.”

Kelly McKenzie - Registered Manager