4010 Bespoke Tracheostomy Training

Course Aims

Course Aims

This course is aimed at Registered Nurses and senior care staff.  This course will give knowledge in the care and management of people who have a tracheostomy

Course Content

  • Understanding what a tracheostomy is
  • Common Indications for a tracheostomy insertion
  • Rationale for a temporary tracheostomy procedure
  • Anatomy of the respiratory tract
  • Tracheostomy equipment including tube types
  • Clinical observations to be monitored for the Tracheostomy patient
  • How to care for a patient with a tracheostomy
  • Humidification during tracheostomy care
  • Indications for suctioning the tracheostomy patient
  • Hydration and oral hygiene
  • Summary of key points
  • Written knowledge questions
  • Practical demonstration on mannikin and competencies.

On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:

  • Manage and care a tracheostomy site
  • Carry out routine observations
  • Provide humidification to a tracheostomy site
  • Perform routine and emergency suction of tracheostomy site

Course Duration

3 hrs.

Number of Delegates

Maximum 8 people

Price: £75 (inc.  VAT)

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