4012 Bespoke Digestive System

Course Aims

Course Aims

To give training and awareness to those supporting adults and children who require support and care in respect of digestion and excretion.  This course is aimed at Registered Nurses and senior care staff who support people who require this  specialised care.

Course content

  • Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system
  • Understanding Dysphagia, causes, types, signs and symptoms and treatment
  • First aid in choking and roles and responsibilities
  • Enteral Feeding management including PEG, JEG and Nasal gastric feeding, indications, treatment and care
  • Bolus feeds and blended diets
  • Contraindications for Enteral Management
  • Nutritional support for patients receiving enteral feeding
  • Bowel care including laxatives, suppositories, enema, Digital evacuation, and stoma care
  • Written knowledge questions
  • Practical demonstration with bowel care and enteral feeding

On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:

  • Respond to a choking episode
  • Care for people receiving enteral support including their feeding tubes
  • Administer safely the required amount of enteral feed
  • Perform digital examination of the rectum and administer prescribes aperients, suppositories, or enemas
  • Care for a stoma

Course Duration

3 hours

Number of Delegates

Maximum : 8

Price: £75 (inc. VAT)

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