3054 HIV Awareness

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to give learners the knowledge and skills required to live, work and provide safe and inclusive care and support to people with HIV.

The course is aimed at all staff involved in the delivery of healthcare and support services and in all types of health and social care settings where people are infected with HIV.

Learners are to undertake written assessment.

Course Content

On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:

  • Operate within the legal boundaries with regard to providing care and support to people with HIV.
  • Understanding HIV and AIDS.
  • Transmission and causes.
  • Symptoms, testing and diagnosis.
  • Infection control procedures.
  • Nutation, food safety and first aid procedures.
  • Living with HIV.
  • Children with HIV.

Course Duration

½ Day (3 Hours)

Number of Delegates

Maximum 12

Price: £45 (inc. VAT)

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