3042 Venepuncture

3042 Venepuncture

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to give learners the knowledge and skills required to take blood safely from a person following current medical procedures.

This course is aimed at nurses and appropriate healthcare professionals who are responsible for taking blood from a person as part of their duties.  It teaches the selection and use of equipment and safe methods of taking blood.  Following training, additionally to maintain competency the practitioner should have their competency checked via regular clinical supervision.  Practitioners who cannot demonstrate competence are not to perform venepuncture.

Learners are to undertake practical and written assessment.

Course Content

On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:

  • Operate within the legal boundaries with regard to health & safety issues in venepuncture.
  • Understanding the infection control issues in venepuncture.
  • Exploring practical assessments of venepuncture.
  • Being able to describe the anatomy & physiology of veins.
  • Obtaining consent.
  • Being able to comfort an anxious patient prior and during venepuncture.
  • Discussing the possible complications of venepuncture.
  • Demonstrating safe venepuncture techniques twice on a manikin arm & written assessment.

Course Duration

½  Day (3 Hours)

Number of Delegates

Maximum 9

PRICE: £90 (inc VAT)





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