3086 Medication – Advanced

3086 Medication - Advanced

Course Aims

This workshop builds on the ‘Safe Handling of Medication’ workshop and is aimed at nurses and seniors responsible for administering medication. The course recaps on the types of medications used in health and social care and looks at the effects medications can have on an individual, using the correct terminology for these.

It will focus on the ageing process, from a brief look at the neonate stage through to a more in depth focus on old age.  There will be information on the impact that medications can have on the various organs in the body and how to identify some of these changes.

The workshop goes on to explain the adverse drug reactions experienced by some individuals and gives an insight into how drugs can interact with each other.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how body organs can be affected by medication
  • Definition of selected medical and technical terms
  • Explain the Ageing Process and identify what effects and impact it has on medication (Workshop to look at the ageing process and medications in groups)
  • Describe the term ‘Adverse Drug Reactions’ (ADR’s)
  • Describe the two types of ADRs and their differences
  • Define and understand drug interactions.

Course Duration

1 Day (6 Hours)

Price: £78 (inc. VAT)

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