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  • Hi – I’m Karen McGavin, a Registered Nurse and Managing Director of Twynham Training. Having been a Registered Nurse for 40 years, I have worked in a variety of sectors in the health and care industry. My later hospital experiences took me through the elderly care route, so no surprise when I eventually ended up managing 3 different care homes in the community over a 20 year period.

    During these years in management, I became very aware of the importance of good and robust training for staff, especially care staff and Registered Nurses. Throughout my time as a registered manager I always used Twynham Training as my preferred training provider – ironic that I ended up purchasing the company in March 2019! Life has a way, sometimes, of bringing about changes that truly enhance it!

    My vision and passion in care remains unchanged – the importance of good quality training, delivered by trainers who have knowledge and life experiences and have worked within the health and social care industry. Whilst I understand that the principle of training is that you have the skills to deliver any subject to any industry, I remain fast, in that life and on the job experience takes the level of training to a higher stand especially important in the care industry.

    Twynham training has developed and changed over the last 18 months, and like every industry more recently, we have had to become inventive and show initiate in the way we deliver our training, encompassing the rules and government guidance during recent unprecedented changes to the way we work and live our lives. Twynham staff, and all our trainers have embraced those changes which has allowed us to continue to deliver high standards of training to local care providers, and to keep flying the flag!

    In recent years I have at last learnt the importance of work/life balance – so my other passions are my husband, my family and close friends all of whom enrich our lives. Outside of work I enjoy watching cookery programmes and historical dramas, baking, gardening, and walking my lovely border collie around our beautiful south coast.

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