Sue Haddow

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  • I have been a registered nurse for 37 years. I am now semi-retired from clinical practice, but still work on the NHS nursing bank for a Community Trust’s Specialist Leg Ulcer Service.

    I have been working as an independent trainer for nearly 18 months and completed my Award in Education and Training at the end of last year. I enjoy training on a wide range of clinical topics including those in all aspects of Palliative and End of life Care, Continence and Wound Care.

    In the past I worked from 2001-2004 for Bournemouth University as one of their Practice Educators. This role involved supporting pre-registration nurse training. I was a District Nurse for over 20 years and as part of this role, involved educating patients, their relatives and their carers, mainly on a one to one basis. My last full-time position was as a Sister for a Charitable Hospice. The Hospice offered an Educational programme to local Community and Care Home Staff and I took an active role with the teaching of this, both in the classroom and in practice.

    I am married with three grown up children and a dog. I have a passion for all forms of dance and regularly take part in dance classes (via Zoom during this crisis).

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