Manager Induction Standards – Skills for Care

Course  Aims

The aim of this course is to give learners the knowledge and skills required to qualify as a ‘new’ manager to a wide variety and all sizes of social care settings.

This course is aimed at managers new in post or existing managers who have previously managed other care services.  It is also useful for aspiring managers to help support their development.  Although these standards are not mandatory it is recommended that the core standards are completed within six months of taking up a management role.

These Manager Induction Standards do not include the knowledge required to practice in general social care.  Anyone undertaking this course should already be experienced in practising social care or should have undertaken the Common induction Standards for care before taking up a management role.

The course will develop the knowledge and understanding required to help learners gain basic management and effective communication skills.

The course covers the eight core standards and four optional standards.  The course can be delivered over a period of one to five days in any combination of face to face training and distance learning workbook training in order to meet the needs of the care provider and the management role being undertaken.

Learners are to undertake practical and written assessment.

Course  Content

On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:

  • Operate within the legal boundaries with regard to effectively managing the delivery of social care.
  • Understand and practice management solutions in the following areas:
    • Core Standard 1 – Governance and accountability.
    • Core Standard 2 – Systems and processes to promote communication.
    • Core Standard 3 – Partnership working and relationships.
    • Core Standard 4 – Using person-centred practice to achieve positive outcomes
    • Core Standard 5 – team leadership and management.
    • Core Standard 6 – Managing resources.
    • Core Standard 7 – Equality, diversity and inclusion.
    • Core Standard 8 – Safeguarding and Protection.
    • Optional Standard 9 – Personal development.
    • Optional Standard 10 – Change and growth.
    • Optional Standard 11 – Managing business.
    • Optional Standard 12 – Ensuring quality.

Course  Duration

1-5 Days

Number  of  Delegates

Maximum 12


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